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As a prior business owner with extensive experience in the global import and export industry, as well as working as a consultant and senior vice president in the financial services industry, Marc Trent brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience to his current role as an attorney and partner at Trent Law Firm, P.C.

Marc is proud to partner with his father, Douglas P. Trent, a successful practicing attorney for over 45 years, at Trent Law Firm, a firm they founded together in January 2018. The Firm handles diverse cases and represents clients and businesses in the areas of business litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment discrimination. With a passion and dedication for standing up for the little guy, Marc concentrates his practice on personal injury litigation, workers’ compensation claims, and employment discrimination cases. He litigates frequently, appearing in court on an average of two to three times per week. Marc, his father, and their team of highly competent and experienced attorneys at Trent Law Firm offer unmatched experience in litigation in all of the areas of the law that they focus on and represent.

Marc attributes his success as an attorney to the experience and complex knowledge that he gained in his careers as a business owner and as a financial consultant in the finance and insurance industry. Marc worked for over two years as the owner and operator of Bravo Motors, S.A.S., a subsidiary of Oxford Atlantic, LLC, the first American company in Colombia to import medium and heavy-duty remanufactured truck parts and diesel engines. In that role, Marc managed all logistics for importing and exporting merchandise between the United States and South America. He ran the entire business, negotiated purchase prices, managed employees, and handled all legal matters. He gained a wealth of experience in that role that he applies to his professional career in law today.

Working as a financial and estate planning consultant, Marc guided clients and trained brokers and financial advisors on estate planning, buy-sell agreements, executive compensation, and key-person policies. He also led seminars for government and corporate officials on numerous topics including entity formation, corporate governance, financial analysis and expense management, asset protection strategies, medical firm management, and consulting methodologies. Marc’s diverse professional background and advanced education have provided him with a broad and extensive foundation to practice law and represent clients successfully.
Marc received both a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice and business studies as well as an MBA with a concentration in finance. He went on to earn his J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law.

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Attorneys for Personal Injury, Employment Discrimination, and Workers' Compensation

At Trent Law Firm, many of our clients come to use during one of the most difficult periods in their lives. Our experience has proven to us that cases should be handled in a way that minimizes costs and additional stress to our clients while maximizing the compensation that they are entitled to. We thoroughly analyze each case and take the time to fully educate our clients about the legal process, which allows them to make more informed decisions based on their goals and objectives.

With a passion for personal injury law and a combined total of more than 75 years experience among Trent Law Firm’s attorneys, our clients can rest assured that they’re in capable hands. Trent Law Firm prides itself on establishing a personal connection with our clients, and getting invested in their needs. Find out how Trent Law Firm can help you today by scheduling a free and confidential consultation.

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