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Illinois civil litigation lawyers.

Attorneys for Personal Injury, Employment Discrimination, and Workers’ Compensation

At Trent Law Firm, our clients may come to us during one of the most difficult periods in their lives. Experience has proven to us that cases should be handled in a way that minimizes costs and additional stress to our clients while maximizing the compensation they’re entitled to. We thoroughly analyze each case and take the time to fully educate our clients about the legal process, which allows them to make more informed decisions based on their goals and objectives.

With a passion for personal injury law and a combined total of more than 75 years experience among Trent Law Firm’s attorneys, our clients can rest assured that they’re in capable hands. Trent Law Firm prides itself on establishing a personal connection with our clients, and getting invested in their needs. Find out how Trent Law Firm can help you today by scheduling a free and confidential consultation.

Expert Advice

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Legal Defense

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99% case win

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Over 75+ Years of Experience

Over 75+ Years of Experiences

Have a problem? We have a solution.

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Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys have handled a number of high-profile cases against massive corporate law firms, and even the U.S. Government, earning millions of dollars in damages and restitution on behalf of our clients.

Legal Defense

In most cases, we provide free and confidential initial consultations. To discuss your case and the legal remedies potentially available to you, contact Trent Law Firm today at (866) 599-8601.

99% case win

The skilled personal injury attorneys at Trent Law Firm have recovered millions of dollars in restitution for their clients.

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Personal Injury Litigation

Get the compensation you deserve for auto accidents, premises liability, wrongful death, product liability, brain injuries, etc

Employment Discrimination

Get justice for sexism, racism, ageism, workplace harassment, etc

Workers' Compensation

Cover all the costs of your workplace injury.

Civil Litigation

While we pride ourselves in handling personal injury cases, we can be of assistance in any civil claim.

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